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Please consider supporting Mankwe Wildlife Reserve to ensure that the 2500 animals that live on the reserve are protected against poachers. By donating you will be supporting front line conservation. Mankwe Wildlife Reserve is a small family run reserve and receives no funding or assistance from government. Due to the Covid19 lockdowns the reserve is unable to generate any income from student groups, volunteers and research teams. The team is in desperate need of your support in keeping their team employed so that they can adequately protect their wildlife and make sure that Mankwe survives this crisis.
In 2018 a U.S. based charity was established to assist the reserve in fund raising. ERC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and 100% of your donation will go to support conservation in action through ground operations, such as anti-poaching teams, K9 units, and veterinarian care

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Ecology Based Field Courses for Universities

Mankwe has been hosting University Field Courses for the past 20 years. Currently 10 International Universities run ecology field-based courses at Mankwe annually. Mankwe is unique in that students are able to walk on the reserve and conduct research on all the fauna and flora Mankwe has to offer. Students have the opportunity to tap into long term research projects and work with scientists and experienced conservationists. The groups are educated on all aspects of conservation and gain a holistic approach to managing a balanced and self-sustaining eco-system. The Mankwe team are passionate about educating students on the importance of sustainability and ensuring that everyone leaves with a better understanding of nature and the importance to protect our natural world for future generations.
Universities are able to tailor make field course itineraries to best suite their course objective or they can make use of the field course offered by the reserve. Lectures and field work practical’s are facilitated by highly experienced conservationists, scientists and guides. Mini projects are encouraged at the end of the field course so that students can practically apply what they have learnt during field exercises and lectures.

Mankwe can accommodate 40 students at a time and typically a course runs for 10 days to 2 weeks.
All groups are fully catered for by experienced cooks.

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