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Nkombi is an unfenced bush camp located in the heart of our private reserve. Volunteers are often visited by the reserve's wildlife, where it's not uncommon for volunteers to wake up to the sight of giraffe outside their cabin. 

The cabin volunteers stay in are 3x3 meter wooden cabins. Depending on the number of bookings, volunteers will either have a cabin to themselves or will have to share with another volunteer. Nkombi camp comprises of 7 volunteer cabins meaning that there are never more then 14 volunteers on the programme. In addition to the 7 volunteer cabins there is:

  • A kitchen and communal living area;

  • 4 showers;

  • 2 bathrooms;

  • A convenience shop;

  • A lapa and;

  • Pool.

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A grocery shop is done once every 2 weeks. Volunteers will be able to use these groceries to make their own breakfast and lunch. At dinner time volunteers will take it in turns cooking and cleaning for the rest of camp. If you have any dietary requirements please contact a manager. We do our best to cater for all dietary requirements

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